Urban Construct

About Us

Urban Construct are developers of some of the most visionary, award winning projects in Australia, recognised for creating environments that are imaginative, sustainable, engaging and built to exceptionally high standards ensuring they become landmark properties for the future.

Entrepreneurial thinking, exceptional risk management strategies and project management skill has given rise to our significant high profile achievements in both residential and commercial developments.

Urban Construct is a new generation of developers, and the team brings freshness and energy to every project, exploring new ground to ensure the vision of the future landmark project is delivered beyond expectations.

The company's lateral, yet corporate approach to the delivery of exceptional residential and commercial communities is building employment, investment, industry skills and more importantly, outstanding places for people to live, work and enjoy.

As the developers of over AUD 6 billion worth of visionary projects in various stages of planning and development, the company is also behind the three most significant undertakings in city, coastal and urban developments in South Australia.

In all cases, the company has delivered without compromise to quality, on schedule, on budget and to standards acclaimed by leading industry bodies for architectural and build quality excellence.


Urban Construct is a dynamic force in the Australian development scene. It is highly regarded by Government and private enterprise alike across the country for not only its own expertise, but its ability to secure project partners which best compliment the scope of the project.

The award winning Newport Quays, Port Adelaide Inner Harbour Redevelopment is testimony to the exceptional working relationship Urban Construct has developed between Government, the Council Body and stakeholder parties in the local community

In Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, the Adelaide City Council has chosen Urban Construct to deliver The Precinct, Adelaide's largest urban renewal development.

Endorsed by the State Government of South Australia, this project includes over 1,400 brand new city residences, commercial opportunities, retail and a state of the art, airport style transport interchange.

From the success of the coastal Holdfast Shores to iconic landmark properties in the CBD, Urban Construct raises the benchmark in delivering outstanding communities and places for people to live, work and enjoy.

Green Commitment

As one of Australia’s leading property developers, Urban Construct recognises its corporate duty to integrate smart sustainability into all elements of our business to meet economic, environmental and social challenges that lie ahead.

Our sustainable objectives will not only provide benefits to the communities, in which we operate, it is also fundamental to the continued success of our business.

Urban Construct is committed to sustainability as part of its overall vision and core values. The aims of the company’s sustainability policy are to:


Urban Construct prides itself in positively contributing to the communities in which it operates in.

Over the last decade, the company has not only underpinned massive economic injections into various communities through building employment opportunities and growth, but it has also supported various communities less fortunate, fostered arts and culture and invested in future generations.

Over the last decade Urban Construct has contributed over $750,000 to various community organizations and charities
some of which include:

Newport Quays

Port Adelaide sits at the heart of SA's principal economic development region and is poised for an economic boom driven by projects such as the $8 billion AWD contract and an influx of residents into the $2 billion Newport Quays project.